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Choosing the Right Diet for Me

It seems as if every few months there’s a new diet whose rules and requirements we must follow if we’re going to reach the goal of good health. The “paleo” diet provides a great example of ...

Why are Superfoods
so Super?

In recent years, media pundits around the world have proclaimed the extraordinary value of so-called super foods. Blueberries, broccoli, and especially kale have been described as possessing ...

Turn Your Medicine Chest into a First-Aid Cabinet

Many people have medicine chests in their bathroom, small shelving units filled with bottles of pills, capsules, and tablets. Others, instead, have first-aid and personal grooming cabinets in their…

The Stress of Life

"The Stress of Life" is a perennial bestseller by Hans Selye, written in 1956. As Selye observed, many types of stress are good for people, both physiologically and personally. A new love…

Home Improvement

You've finally decided to paint your kids' bedrooms. Or your rooftop gutters are overflowing and you've decided to install a gutter protection system. And you're going to do that yourself. There ...

Frequent Flying

Most of us, at one time or another, have traveled for business. Some of us do this fairly often, and when we travel for business, we're usually getting where we're going by plane. There are…

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Driver's Education

We all know someone who has suffered a serious driving-related injury that had nothing to do with being involved in a motor vehicle accident. For example, turning your head suddenly and swiftly…

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Effective Diagnosis and Treatment of Low Back Pain

Here's an all-too-common situation. You develop low back pain and you're uncomfortable enough to go see your primary care physician. He or she tells you it's not clear what's going on and sends ...

Strength Training for Beginners (and Experts, Too)

Strength training, otherwise known as weight training, is one of those activities that provides a wide range of benefits for the person who does it regularly. Like yoga…

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